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OraTicx Oral Probiotics - Green Breath

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Say goodbye to bad breath by tackling the root causes head-on! End bad breath now with OraTicx Green Breath- just one simple stop!

BAD BREATH BLASTER: Bad breath is a sign that your mouth's oral microbiome is off balance. Oral probiotics are natural sources of causes of halitosis, bad breath, gingivitis, strep throat, and tonsil stones.

SOLUTION TO ROOT CAUSES: OraTicx provides a natural approach to the root causes of halitosis and bad breath. The best way to get rid of offensive breath is to focus on colonizing the mouth with good bacteria.

PREMIUM DENTAL PROBIOTIC STRAIN: Our pure & potent patented oral probiotic strain oraCMUTM by OraTicx is the result of years of research begun in 1997 and this clinically studied probiotic strain of Weissella cibaria supports fresh breath, healthy teeth & gums, and natural immunity.

BALANCE OF GOOD BACTERIA: The high quality of oral probiotics can help populate the mouth with friendly bacteria. They work by creating a protective biofilm that supports holistic oral health and reduces inflammation while blocking bad bacteria from reaching enamel or vulnerable tissues.

NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED: New 3-Phase desiccant-lined bottle technology for shelf-stable probiotics! Take 1 to 3 lozenges a day. Allowing it to dissolve slowly in your mouth is an effective method for receiving the benefits of this oral probiotic tablet.

Unlock the power of a fresh and confident smile with this game-changing solution, OraTicx Green Breath! OraTicx contains a clinically-backed blend of prebiotics and probiotics suited for optimal oral health. With daily use, you can strengthen your natural microbiome and reduce bad breath.