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OMY Giant Coloring Poster

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Adored by children on Super Buddies bracelets, Lily the unicorn appears on a giant coloring poster.

Comes in 3 different prints! Lily, Dinos and Atlas.

In a magical setting, rainbows, Lily and her wonderful world come to life... For the first time, the features of OMY drawings are dressed in neon pink

Go on an adventure in the crazy world of dinosaurs!

Giant map of the world to color to discover the world while having fun: the pyramids of Egypt, the Statue of Liberty, Brazil, the Eskimos, the statues of Easter Island... A line full of humor and a multitude of details, a true graphic journey to share between all generations.

A limitless artistic space for colouring alone or with others, to unfold on the ground, to hang on the wall or to use as a tablecloth.


Content: 1 poster
Format unfolded: 70 x 100 cm
Composition: superior quality extra-white paper 120 gr
Designed and made in France by OMY