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Moji Yippy High Chair

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About Moji

Moji imagines, creates and crafts products for those seeking to live an inspired and intentional family life.Based on German craftsmansihp, our products are safe, affordable, well-designed and intuitive to the way a family moves and bonds.Everything is brough to life in perfect harmony - form and function, style and substance.Growing together as a family, watching family life change and experiencing how children learn new things day in day out. With high-quality products that enhance moments spent together, so that the family life you share on a daily basis becomes easier and more enjoyable. Enriching your home across generations and making that family feeling visible.

Moji Philosophy

Our products empower and enable families to be more present in their family life and experiences. Find out more about moji and our philosophy here.We enable families to be more present in their family life and experiences.Growing together as a family, watching family life change and experiencing how children learn new things day in day out. Our high-quality products accompany the eventful world that is family life, throughout the generations, enriching homes and getting that family feeling on the radar. Products that fulfil children’s needs, reflecting the love parents have for their children and that warm feeling of being at home.We are convinced that products should be just as flexible as families. That's why our products are designed and manufactured around one main idea: they can easily adapt to a wide variety of changing needs, just as the lives of families do.Home is a special place for families in their hectic everyday lives. A place of being together and well-being. But also an expression of your own lifestyle and how you like to live. Our products are there to meet all of these needs and make an important contribution to the family home.

Moji Vision

We design, develop and manufacture products for everyone who leads an active, conscious family life and also values the aesthetics of design in their home.

Our products meet all the basic needs of a family, as soon as your newborn arrives. Each of our products is developed to enhance and enrich moments in our everyday lives. At the same time, we address families’ individual lifestyles and emphasise the feeling of love and security that should be created in one's own home.

Yippy High Chair

The foldable high chair YIPPY can be assembled without tools and is easy to use to boot. Thanks to its practical click system, you can adjust it to the size of your child in a matter of seconds.A high chair for every generation at the centre of the family.
Eat, rest, play, create – enjoy every activity with ease.A high chair that has your family’s back - designed to encourage moments of close bonding ad eye to eye contact. Long-lasting design that is built for everyone in the family through every activity and milestone.

Product Features

  • Adjusts seamlessly through all it's daily functions, as well as when your baby transitions from toddler to young child and beyond
  • Tool-free easy installation
  • Tool-free seat and footrest height adjustment.
  • Simple slot in-and-out design
  • Flip and wobble-free
  • Secure chair stand for maximum safety
  • Free-standing and foldable for compact and easy storage

Size: W47 x H76 x D47cm (Folds to D34cm)


  • Seat height: 45cm to 59cm
  • Footrest height: 23cm to 45cm

Load Capacity:

  • (with Starter Set attached) up to 15kg
  • (by itself) up to 90kg


  • Trunk - Visible wood grain that gives off a high quality and natural look, blending well with the interior style
  • Plain - Made of robust rubberwood that's high in resistance to moisture, allowing for easy cleaning with damp cloth
  • Tune - True expression of love, creates fun and memorable moments.
  • Cozy - A blend of warmth and comfort. brings harmony to bonding times.