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Mimos Pillow Toddler

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Mimos® Toddler is a new additional quality pillow from Mimos® Pillow family, specially made for toddler age 1 year old above.

Anti Dust-Mite. Anti Allergen. Chemical FREE.

Mimos® Toddler is a soft, light and comfortable pillow for toddlers over 1 year old that provides a hygienic and comfortable sleeping environment.

The pillow is made from a cutting-edge breathable 3D polyester material that is safe and provides maximum breathability. 

Its comes with a removable special cover made from a soft cotton layer that is suitable for toddler’s sensitive and delicate skin.

Thanks to the special layer that protect the pillow so that no dust mites or bacteria can stay on the pillow.

Your toddler will definitely love and enjoy sleeping with Mimos® Toddler.

Your toddler will definitely love and enjoy sleeping with Mimos® Toddler.

Mimos® Toddler comes is 2 sizes:

  • Size SMALL for toddler age 1 year above
  • Size LARGE for toddler age 3 year above

Recommended age to use is 1 year old above

Washing Instruction

  • Front loader machine gentle wash (max. 40ºC) 
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not twist
  • Use a washing bag (for delicate clothes)
  • Recommended to wash separately to protect the pillow from sharp object

Mimos® Toddler is NOT a flat-head pillow but is produced in the same factory with high quality standard as Mimos Baby Pillow in Spain.