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Milton Baby Laundry Liquid 1l

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The Milton Laundry Liquid (New Formula) cleans and effectively removes dirt and laundry tasks of the whole family. Ideal for baby's soft skin, the liquid detergent with the delicate fragrance of Douceur de Coton is effective from 30°C on white or colored laundry (excluding delicate laundry). In case of stubborn stains, apply the product directly to the stains and machine wash with your usual program.

Less than 5%: anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants, soap, perfume.

In machine : Pour the detergent into the washing machine compartment according to the dosage instructions in the table. 
By hand : Pour a capful of 30 mL of detergent into 5L of lukewarm water. Rub well then rinse thoroughly.

Directions: Place 1 Tablet in laundry machine drum with clothes