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Micro Scooters Knee and Elbow Pads

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A set of black Micro protectors (elbow pads and knee pads) provides maximum protection when riding scooters, inline skates or skateboards. Effectively protects against injuries and abrasions to the knees and elbows that may arise in the event of a fall while riding. It provides comfort while riding thanks to the perfect fit, without restricting freedom of movement.

The kit includes:
- a set of two elbow pads
- a set of two knee pads

Micro protectors are made of high quality materials. The main covers in the protectors are made of strong, damage-resistant plastic. Protectors have been profiled in this way to ensure very good fit, do not restrict movement or cause abrasions during sports. Materials in direct contact with the body are made of soft, perforated material. These materials provide very good skin ventilation. The undoubted advantage of Micro protectors is their low weight and ergonomics.

Velcro straps are sewn on with elastic straps, thanks to which they can be easily adjusted to the size of the elbow and knee. Elbow and knee protectors can be put on in two ways. When we put them on clothes, to fasten them it is enough to use Velcro straps, while when we put them on bare skin - a more elastic band will provide greater comfort. The whole is packed in a comfortable mesh bag for easy storage.

Protector size

  • S (2-4 years)
  • M (5-10 years)