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Micro Maxi Deluxe Tbar Deluxe LED

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Scoot around shining bright like a star.

This Micro Scooter glows with motion- powered LED wheels generated through dynamo mechanics so no batteries are required due to this inductive charging method.

The wheels' dazzling illumination not only makes riding your scooter more fun, it also enhances your visibility in the dark.

Maxi Micro LED wheels are cast in high-quality clear 120 mm Polyurethane (PU) for that super smooth, soft Micro Scooter ride you are used to.

Maxi Micro scooters have a wide metal rear brake on top of a double wheel which makes it highly efficient in braking.

The scooter is very safe, is great for learning balance and with a lightweight of 2,5kg and maximum capacity until 70kg, it can be handled easily by any kid!

Soft materials makes this a perfect scooter for playful kids from 5-12 years old!