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Mamaforest Natural Dish Bar - Lemon Glory

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Naturally-derived sterilizer lemon and sugar and salt grains in Lemon Glory help dishwashing extra clean and sparkly. Use Lemon Glory on dish cloth or scrubbing sponge to cleanse sink. The refreshing lemon scent completes your pleasant kitchen life.

An all natural yet powerful cleansing dishbar has arrived to serve all families!

We have lost count of how many complaints we hear from mummies who suffer from dry skin and itch as they wash the family's dishes. Surfactants, which are an essential component in liquid detergents, dissolve in liquids and become a high pH solution (depending on type of surfactant). Hence, this makes our skin dry and itchy.

Armed with only natural ingredients and aged for 1000 hours to achieve optimal texture; Mamaforest dishbars create thick cleansing foam, offering faster rinse time and less detergent residue. Safer and cleaner for families, you can put your mind at ease!


  • After washing the dishes to avoid leaving any food residue on the natural dish bar, rinse it under running water and dry it
  • Due to the characteristics of low-temperature aging soap, there is a lot of moisture, so please use a stand that drains water well


  • If you have any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling, or itching in the area to be used when using cosmetics or after use due to direct sunlight, consult a specialist
  • Please refrain from using it on wounded areas
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Please store away from direct sunlight