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Mamaforest Biodegradable Mesh Scrubber

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How dirty can a kitchen sponge get? Sponges are porous and are rarely dry fully between uses. Since bacteria thrive in warm, damp environments, a sponge provides the ideal conditions for germs to multiply. Yucky!!

Made from 100% vegetable corn starch, Mamaforest's Biodegradable Mesh Scrubber is safe to use as there are no microplastics within. It provides a comfortable washing experience because of its big size and ability to lather foam well. It scrubs well without scratching even non-stick cookware. Simply wash, rinse and hang it up! It dries very quickly, reducing the amount of germs multiplying.

Two things that I love most about the mesh scrubber most are: 1) Food particles and dirt do not get trapped on it, unlike a dish sponge. 2) It dries so fast! Which I know for sure that germs do not get as much a chance to grow on it.

Mama's Tip: After the biodegradable mesh scrubber is worn out, cut it into smaller squares and keep them for scrubbing basins, hoods, stoves before disposal!