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MadeFrom All Natural Vitamin C Gummies for Kids

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Vitamin C Gummies for Kids

✔ 100% natural supplement to enhance and support a healthy immune system.
✔ A powerful antioxidant to boost overall health and support growth and development in children.
✔ Aids absorption of iron.
✔ Vegan friendly and plant-based formulation.
✔ Naturally sourced Vitamin C for optimal absorption.
✔ Each serving is 125% of the recommended daily intake* of Vitamin C for children
✔ For ages 3 years and above.
✔ Tastes delicious!

*As prescribed by the NZ Nutrition Foundation

FREE FROM: Artificial Sweeteners. Artificial Flavours and Preservatives. Artificial Colours. Added Fillers, Binders and Excipients. Synthetic Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Gluten. Dairy. Egg. Nuts. GMOs. Animal Gelatin.


Active ingredients

per serving (of 2 gummies)

Vitamin C (from Acerola Fruit Extract)


NZ Blackcurrant Whole Fruit Powder


Other Ingredients:
 organic corn fiber, purified water, chicory root fiber, agar, citric acid, locust bean gum, natural flavour (blackcurrant), natural colour (grape juice), organic stevia leaf extract, monk fruit extract, organic sunflower oil.

What We're Made From

Vitamin C from real fruit! We believe in food-first nutrition, and when extra vitamins are required, they should also be made from food. That’s why our Vitamin C is sourced entirely from plants and not a lab.

All Natural Ingredients

Packed full of real food with ingredients you can pronounce! These gummies are truly unique, providing the first 100% natural Vitamin C gummy for kids. Giving kids their daily dose of Vitamin C in a guilt-free gummy that tastes delicious.

No junk here!

We don’t need to sugar coat our words or our gummies, and we don’t need to add sugars like our competitors. Just like yours, our kids are sweet enough.