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Love to Dream Transition Bag - Space White

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Time for change.
With the next phase of the child's development, it is time for a change. The transition from the safe feeling when the baby is completely wrapped safely with free hands, to the phase when his hands are outside the swaddle, can be problematic for some children. But there is a way to change the way you sleep and proceed step by step.

Gradual adaptation.
Swaddle UP 50/50 helps your baby gradually adjust to sleep without being completely wrapped. It's the perfect way to easily teach your baby to sleep more freely than in a swaddle.

Start gradually.
Just unclip one side - the "wing" and wait a few nights for your child to get used to the feeling of sleeping with one arm free, then remove the other wing as well. From now on, your child can sleep with his hands free.

You can be sure that the baby is covered all night.
It replaces the blanket, there is no need to cover the child additionally. There is also no risk of the child covering his head with a blanket and endangering his health.

A two-way zipper makes it easy to change diapers.
The practical two-way zipper allows you to change the baby's diaper without much effort and without having to undress and dress the child.

Unique cut.
The unique cut of the Swaddle UP allows the baby to freely move its hips and legs, thus ensuring their proper development.

Product with certificates.
The product received a certificate from the institute dealing with the healthy development of hip joints - the International Institute of Hip Dysplasia. 
The swaddle was also approved by the INPAA organization, whose goal is to develop safer children's products and support the safe use of goods by consumers.

Easy maintenance.
Possibility of washing in the washing machine and drying in the dryer.
Composition: - 93% cotton, -7% elastane (1 TOG*, recommended ambient temperature 20-24°C)

M 6-8,5kg 3-6 months 67cm