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Lilo Premium Shrimp Powder 50g

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Shrimps are high in protein. Protein foods help contribute to the development of your child's bones, muscles, immune system and their brain! Even better, Omega-3 fatty acids can also be found in shrimps! There are just so many benefits to including a moderate amount of shrimps to your family meals!

And here at Lilo, we are bring the health benefits of shrimps to you in the form of healthy powder to make cooking convenient and nutritious. Suitable for babies 12 months and above, provided no allergies (Do check with PD first before offering). Lilo Baby Food Chart

Lilo has a Singapore Food Agency Licensed factory of our own, churning out the fresh food powders daily. At Lilo, Its only the Best For Your Love ones. One can view the process here.

Tested for Shelf Life & Nutritional Information Panel at Setsco, a Singapore Accredition Council Laboratory

Nutritional Information Panel

All our powders has been tested for their nutritional information. We also did extensive shelf life testing for our powders as we do not add any preservatives, salt or MSG during production.

Do note that there is natural sodium in food products. As such, like Eg one serving of Ikan Bilis Powder contains only 10mg of sodium. One natural egg itself contains 70mg of sodium, thus 3 servings of Lilo a day contains less sodium than an egg.

Usage & Storage Guide

One Bottle Net Weight at 50 grams.

Unopened bottle: Min. 6 months Shelf Life. Keep it cool & dry in fridge after opening. Best consumed within 3 months after opening.