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Lassig Swim Poncho With UV Protection - Dot, Pink

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The pink children's bathing poncho made of recycled polyester with UV protection 80 keeps you wonderfully warm after splashing around. While its microfiber outside protects against the wind, the cozy terry cloth inside absorbs moisture.


The LÄSSIG bathing poncho made of recycled polyester with UV protection 80 is the ideal companion on the beach and in the swimming pool and the ideal complement to the UV swimwear from the LÄSSIG Splash & Fun collection.

The bathing poncho keeps you wonderfully warm after splashing around. It not only protects you from the sun, but also from the wind thanks to the quick-drying, tightly woven microfibre outer. The fluffy and absorbent terrycloth inside absorbs moisture and invites you to cuddle up.

The cozy poncho is a wind-protecting hooded towel, a quick-drying bath towel and a sand-repellent beach mat at the same time. A multi-talent in which the little ones cut a fine figure. After the excursion, the poncho can be cleaned at 30 °C on a gentle cycle.

Used plastic is reused and spun into yarn for every LÄSSIG bathing poncho. This corresponds to 7 PET bottles per meter of woven fabric. With the use of recycled materials and innovative processes as well as the renunciation of animal components, LÄSSIG contributes to the circular economy and protects the earth's resources.

The LÄSSIG bathing poncho with UV protection of UPF 80 has been tested according to UV STANDARD 801 (Hohenstein).

Appropriate Usage Instructions:
Exposure to UV rays for too long can lead to sunburn and skin damage. This clothing only protects the covered area, other parts of the body exposed to natural UV radiation must be protected separately, for example by applying sunscreen and wearing other UV protective clothing. The actual protection period of the UV protective clothing depends on the child's skin condition and the intensity of the sun's rays. The declared UV protection can be reduced through normal wear and tear and at the seams. Check clothing regularly for damage and wear and replace if necessary. A repair must be carried out professionally. The durability of the protective clothing is - even without visible damage - 6 years from the production date.Composition, care instructions, size, date of manufacture and UV protection factor can be found on the label sewn into the item. Please store the item dry and protected from light. Wash with chlorine and salt water after each contact. This is UV protective clothing (category I PPE) that meets the basic health and safety requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/425, Annex II. The protective clothing meets the requirements of EN ISO 13688:2013, protective clothing - general requirements. The material is tested according to UV Standard 801 (based on AS/NZS 399:2017).

Splash&FunThe LÄSSIG Splash & Fun collection for perfect bathing fun includes swimwear for babies and toddlers.

It consists of swim nappies, sun hats, UV protection shirts, UV one-piece and two-piece suits and many other practical accessories.

A product line that, like all LÄSSIG products, places great value on the use of materials tested for harmful substances, excellent design and high quality.