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Ivenet Pure Soy Sauce (Choose from 2 Flavours)

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Looking for a less salty alternative to season your child's food? Look no more! IVENET Bebe's Pure Soy Sauce is derived from naturally fermented soybeans and includes fruit and vegetable extracts to produce an additive-free soy sauce that tastes pure.

The SOUP version contains mushroom and kelp extracts to increase its nutrition level. The BIBIM version contains apple and citron extract to elevate its taste naturally, making it the perfect drizzle over rice/noodle dishes or added as a marinade!

  • Soy sauce for kids that can be used in various dishes when cooking
  • Brewed with domestic beans and wheat
  • Fruit and vegetable extracts added to make it tastier
  • Not too strong tasting - suitable for children
  • Can be put in baby food
  • Zero additives (no preservatives, no improving agents)
  • Organic unrefined sugar and vegetable extract


Recommended for after 10 months.

Bibim Soup

- One spoonful when you are not heating up either the Bibimbab or Bibim noodles

- Contains apple and citron extract

- Ingredients suitable to enhance your dishes for extra taste

- Can be used to marinate meats!

- One spoonful when boiling soup

- Contains mushroom and kelp extract

- Ingredients suitable to enhance the taste of the soup and more nourishing to consume


Bibim: Brewed Soy Sauce 46%, Salt, Malt Syrup, Purified Water, Oligosaccharide, Organic Sugar 5%, Apple Concentrate (Apple:Korea), Citron Concentrate (Korea), Jujube Concentrate, Grapefruit Extract

Contains Soybean and Wheat

Soup: Brewed Soy Sauce 46%, Salt, Malt Syrup, Purified Water, Organic Sugar 2%, Ferment Spirit, Kelp Concentrate, Shitake Mushroom Concentrate, Mushroom Extract, Onion Concentrate