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Ivenet Mild Rice Bowl Sauce 5'S (Choose from 4 Flavours)

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Travelling soon? Or simply too busy to whip up meals? Packed in convenient pouches to bring along, Ivenet's Mild Rice Bowl Sauce is made up of natural and fresh ingredients.

The sodium level for each flavour has also been drastically lowered to cater to fit the recommended level of sodium intake for young children. Eat with a peace of mind!

4 Different Sauces: You can choose according to your child's tase!

Shrimp Egg Sauce; Lot of seafoof and vegetabes such as shrimp and squid. Unsalty, mild shrimp egg sauce

Jjajang Mild Sauce: Chunhang made with Korean Rice. Jjajang sauce made with squid ink

Curry Mild Sauce: Sweet with apple and mangoes. Softer curry sauce with milk.

Beef Bulgogi Sauce: Lots of beef and vegeatbles such as beef and mushrooms. Sweet and delicious beef bulgogi sauce.

  • Use of carefully selected raw ingredients
  • Suitable from 12 months
  • Convenient to bring around
  • L-Natrium Glutamate Fragrance Additive-Free


Suitable for children aged 12 months or above.

3 ways to heat-up:

  1. Submerge pouch in boiling water
  2. Submerge pouch in hot water
  3. Pour sace into a bowl and microwave

Shrimp Egg:

Purified water, scrambled egg 14%, food starch modified, refined sugar, skimmed milk, shrimp (Vietnam) 12%, king oyster mushroom (Korea) 7.6%, processed marine products (squid 99.98%, Sodium Pyrophosphate], onion (Korea) 3.3%, food starch modified, brewed soy sauce, garlic (Korea) 1%, sugar, sesame oil, milk calcium 0.6%, refined salt, yeast extract, xanthum gum, fermentation powder, ginger (Kora) 0.17%, white pepper, Vitamin C.


Jjajang Mild Sauce:

Purified Water, Onion (Korea) 12.55% , Carrot (Korea) 8.92%, Milk (Korea) 6.03%, Potato (Korea) 5.95%, Beef (Korea) 5.55%, Apple Puree 3%, Food Starch Modified, Mango Puree 2%, Canola Oil, Korean Beef Bone Extract, Seaweed, Calcium 0.6%, Spring Onion Oil, Fermented soybean Concentrate, Garlic (Korea) 0.09%, Ginger (Korean) 0.09%, Cephalopod Ink Powder 0.06%. Contain Beef, Wheat, Soybean, Squid.


Curry Mild Sauce:

Purified Water, Onion (Korea) 18.33%, Potato (Korea) 8.52%, Beef (Korea) 6.39%, Rice Black Bean Paste Soybean (Korea) 22.8%, Rice (Korea) 15.7%, Food Starch Modified , Oil, Sugar, Canola Oil, Beef Bone Concentrate, Soybean Sauce, Seaweed Calcium 0.6%, Curry Powder 0.55%, Ogligosaccharide, Salt, Whole Milk Powder, Turmeric Powder, Pepper Powder. Contain Milk, Beef and Soybean.


Beef Bulgogi:

Purified Water, Onion (Korea) 21%, Korean Beef (Korea) 15%, Soy sauce, Spring Onion (Korea) 5%, King Trumpet Mushroom (Korea) 5%, Sugar, food starch modified, Flavoured Oil, milk calcium 0.6%, Garlic (Korea) 0.2%, amarindgum, Black pepper powder, Fermentation powder, Other processed goods.