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Ivenet Korean Beef Bone Soup

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Beef bone broth contains various minerals such as collagen and other minerals that help with skin elasticity, bone growth and prevent osteoporosis amongst other functions.

Ivenet helps to provide parents' with the convenience of consuming beef bone broth by simmering antibiotic-free beef bones for about 15 hours in the factory, conserving traditional ways of preparation!

You can use it as a base for many dishes and soups, simply add ingredients for a healthy meal for the little ones. Simply a lifesaver for busy days!


      • Antibotic Free Beef Bone Soup:
        It is delicious and healthy because it is brewed with Korean beef bone that has been certified as antibiotic-free
  • Heat up by boiling or using microwave with the pouch itself
  • Store in room temperature
  • HACCP certified


After opening the bag for about 3cm just heat the pouch in a microwave. You can also boil the soup in a pot. Warm it up for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Used a safe packaging material that can be heated in a microwave or put in boiling water.

Korean Beef Bone Extract 95.77% [Solid Content 5%], Korean Beef Bone (South Korea/Antibiotic Korean Beef) 25%. Korean beef bone (South Korea/Antibiotic Korean Beef) 25%, Purified water, Radish (South Korea), Purified Salt (South Korea), Onion, Spring onion, Garlic, Dried Kelp, Dried Shiitake mushrooms. Products containing beef.