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Ivenet I Love Apple

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Here is another healthy and tasty snack for our little ones! Suitable from 6 months onwards, these freeze-dried strawberries and apples contain zero sugar, zero salt and zero oil.

By freeze-drying at below -40 degrees, it helps to reduce the loss of nutrients, flavour and scent of the fruits. Conveniently packaged in a resealable bag, it is easy to bring them out.

100% nutrients, 0% nasties, this is the perfect mess-free snack for both babies and adults alike!

  • Original apples and strawberries! 100% produced in Korea
  • Maintain taste and nutriton using freeze-drying process
  • No oil, sugar and salt!
  • Kept in a zipper-bag packaging, have it anywhere at your convenience.

Apple (Korean) 100%