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Ivenet Chicken Soup

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Chicken soup specially made for kids by simmering chicken legs for more than 15 hours.

Carefully made for our child, easy to eat with chicken legs in bite-sized pieces.

      • Used only 100% Korean Chicken Legs
      • Heat up by boiling or using microwave with the pouch itself
      • Store in room temperature
      • HACCP Certified


After opening the bag for about 3cm just heat the pouch in a microwave. You can also boil the soup in a pot. Warm it up for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Used a safe packaging material that can be heated in a microwave or put in boiling water.

Chicken Stock 85% [Solid Content 4%/Chicken Bone extract 6.5%, Chicken Bone 50% (Korea), Purified Water, Chicken Stock Concentrate 2%, Chicken Bone extract 91%, (Korea/Chicken Bone 50%), Refined Sate (Korea), Date (Koera), Milk Vetch Root (Korea), Chicken Legs Meat 15%