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Hungry Tiger Organic Pure Seaweed Snacks

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Seaweed has very high nutritional value and contains a variety of nutrients, including protein, calcium, fibre and vitamins. Seaweed also contains high content of iodine, an essential element to maintain the development kid’s growth.

What’s in Hungry Tiger Organic Pure Seaweed?

  • 100% Organic Seaweed
  • Contains natural iodine, essential for kids growth and development
  • No added salt, healthy for baby and kids
  • No added oil, healthy and prevent potential oily taste
  • Contains iron, vitamin A, C, dietary fibre, calcium and other minerals


Serving recommendations:

  • Enjoy directly as healthy crispy snack
  • Serve with rice ball or roll
  • Serve with sheered with congee or rice
  • Suitable for 12 months and above
  • Net weight: 2g x 10