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HiPP Organic Noodles with Creamy Vegetables 220g

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We’re here to help you feel HiPP about feeding your baby. So, naturally, only the very best baby food will do. Proudly organic for over 60 years, we firmly believe that tiny tums and pesky pesticides should be kept as far apart as possible. And, with 260 quality checks and a personal guarantee from the HiPP family — when we say we use the best ingredients we mean it. But that’s not the only good reason our organic baby food stands out.

Introduce your baby to a wide variety of vegetables and fruits during weaning. They will help contribute to a healthy balanced diet, providing essential vitamins and minerals. As weaning progresses, you should aim to provide at least 5 different vegetables and fruits a day. HiPP’s weaning food that is perfectly suited to everything your baby or toddler need to aid in their development.



  • Contains dairy and gluten
  • No added salt
  • Omega-3
  • With fine bits to develop your child's ability to chew


noodles* cooked (durum wheat) 25%, vegetables* 22% (carrots*, broccoli*, onions*), milk* 21%, water, rice* boiled, cream* 2.5%, rapeseed oil* 1.4%, lemon juice* from lemon juice concentrate, parsley*.
*from organic production 
Noodles may contain traces of egg.