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Haakaa Goat Wool Wooden Hairbrush

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Contains 1 Haakaa goat wool hairbrush.

The Haakaa goat wool hairbrush or comb features super soft goat's wool which is perfect for delicate infant hair. Brushing your baby's hair has major benefits to their well being. The brush will keep your baby's scalp stimulated while also assisting in preventing cradle cap, generate blood flow and remove dried skin to keep your baby relaxed and drifting off to sleep.

  • PVC, BPA & Phthalates free.
  • 100% natural. Made from rubber wood and goat's wool.
  • Easy to hold and grip.
  • Soft woollen bristles guarantee no itching or scratching.
  • Help prevent cradle cap and increase blood flow.
  • Assist in sleep time. Provides relaxing and soothing sensation for your child.
  • Sustainably made and eco friendly materials used. 

Woollen bristles can be washed with shampoo and conditioner. Please be careful not to get the wooden handle wet to avoid cracking or damage. Lay flat to dry.

Do NOT use any bleach based cleaners. 

Natural wood products may have slights odour which will fade and vary in colour.