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Friso Frisolac Gold Wheat Cereal 300g

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For babies 6 months onwards (after your baby has already grown used to rice-based cereal)As you wean your baby, they are likely to eat less until they become more familiar with solid food. Friso Gold wheat-based milk cereals are rich in important nutrients to ensure your baby has a balanced diet. They are also made with milk powder so they taste more familiar to your baby. The smooth texture eases their first step into eating solids and is easier for little tummies to digest. The thicker texture encourages your baby to practice chewing and swallowing. It’s easy for you too because Friso Gold cereals are prepared the same way as Friso Gold formula – just add water.


Helps to build strong bones and teeth.


An important component for red blood cells production.


Important for proper development of brain and nervous system.

Carbohydrates & Vitamin B

Provide more energy for your baby to grow