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Doomoo Easy Bath - Floating Bath Mattress

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Floating bath mattress

Bathing time? Relaxing time! Doomoo’s Easy Bath is a floating bath mattress which makes it easier to bathe your baby. The bath mattress, fits baby’s body perfectly, and he or she lies partly in the water, enjoying.

Float this boat!
Who said floating mattresses were just for swimming pools, sure never used Easy Bath. Thanks to the micro pearls inside, Easy Bath is soft and mellow, floats easily and molds perfectly around baby’s little body, up until baby lies partly in the water. And you? You’ll have your hands free to wash your little piggy.

How to use Easy Bath

Fill up your bath up to the desired level and always check the water’s temperature. Immerse the floating bath mattress completely under the water level, then gently place your baby on it. Make sure its head and ears are above the water level. 

All clean? Rinse Easy Bath and then shake off the leftover water. Drip-dry Easy Bath using the attached loop. 

Easy Bath is suitable for babies up until 8 kg and can be used in all bathtub sizes, but don’t use bath oil. 
  • Wash by hand or machine washable at 30°C in a washing bag 
  • Do not tumble dry  
  • Never dry the mattress by using an electric heat source


  • Front: 100% polyester 
  • Back: non-woven fabric: 100% polypropylene 
  • Filling: beads made of expanded polystyrene 
  • Dimension: 40cm x 60cm