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Crescent Womb™ The first + only Infant Safety Bed

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Introducing the safest alternative to co-sleeping/bed-sharing for babies ages 0-6 months old. The Crescent Womb™ offers a safe and comfy newborn sleep alternative that allows baby to rest or lounge safely outside a parent’s arms. The Crescent Womb™ is lightweight and portable, allowing for easy travel.

How It Works
Utilizing a patented ergonomic design and non-toxic materials, our sleep system comfortably supports your little one and allows them to self-soothe, creating the safest possible environment for them outside of your arms. With a laundry list of family benefits and the highest level of safety certifications, Crescent Womb is truly the only sleep system of its kind.

Thoughtfully Created

  • Adjustable adhering to AAP safe sleep recommendations.
  • Sturdy straps easily and securely attach to any standard-sized crib.
  • Machine-washable for easy care.

Set-Up is Easy!

Watch this one-minute video for easy installation instructions.

  • Loosen straps on all four sides and attach to the four corners on your child’s crib.
  • Once attached, secure safety strap, pull excess strapping through safety loop, and secure over the male end of the buckle.
  • Tighten straps until Crescent Womb is TAUT. Be sure straps are pulled tight, but even, from all four corners. There should be NO SLACK.
  • Wrap the excess strapping around the crib rail and use the Velcro ends to self-adhere (this safety precaution will prevent children or pets from tampering with the product).
  • Once all straps are installed correctly- place infant on back, in center of Crescent Womb, as shown in the figure on safety info.
Medical/Safety Intro Deck by James Spencer