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BIBS Natural Rubber Latex Pacifier Twin Pack - Blush Night / Vanilla Night

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These BIBS Glow in the Dark pacifiers have a ring that glows in the dark. Ideal for easy retrieval of the pacifier at night.

BIBS pacifiers have a teat part that consists of 100% natural rubber. It is velvety soft, flexible and feels natural.

It has been developed to support the baby's sucking reflex and the shape mimics the shape of the breast.

The shape of the teat is round, they also call this the cherry shape. The lightweight shield is round, but curves away from the face. This allows air to reach the sensitive skin around the mouth and reduce any irritation.

The shield is made of polypropylene. The BIBS pacifier is 100% BPA and PVC free. They have been tested and found suitable for the European Regulations.