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Anela Scoop - Pear

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Pick and choose: Anela Puree, 9 different flavours! 100% Mediterranean fresh fruits!

1 Pack = 2 Cups, 100g

  • Every 5 seconds, Anela meets 1 customer! No. 1 selling in Korea
  • Recommended for 6 months and above: Apple, Banana, Apple & Pear, Carrot, Pear and Fresh Prune.
  • Recommended for 12 months and above: Strawberry, Mango and Peach
  • Anela uses pasteurisation method and vacuum packs each product for storage at room temperature.
  • Can be consumed at both room temperature or chilled.
  • It is made out of 100% fruits, no water is included.
  • It is made to be portable so that it can be conveniently carried around anywhere.
  • A special vacuum packaging is used to ensure that the freshness of the Mediterranean fruits remains. It is thus safe to store at room temperature for a long time without going bad!
  • Anela does not use any sugar, preservatives and other additives, and only includes the best apples from the exclusive Mediterranean farm.
  • Anela helps to provide children with vitamins and minerals that are lacking in the children’s meals! Not only can children benefit from Anela, but pregnant mommies-to-be and those with constipation can also consume this.

Halal Certified

Made in Spain