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MamyPoko Air Fit Tape - Carton

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NEW from Japan! MamyPoko Air Fit Tape Diaper with Curve Fit diaper softly fits a baby's bottom following the contour of your baby’s bottom while reducing up to 50% pressure around baby's tummy so your precious one can stay comfortable and joyful. MamyPoko Air Fit is the No. 1 Mother’s choice of diaper in Japan.

1. No leakage even from runny stools! Rounded fit that is not overly tight

-New curvy form that matches your baby's round body!
-Tightening on the waist of babies that walk about has been cut by about 50%!★
-Wraps very gently!
★1 Comparison with our conventional products (assumed values for S size)
★2 There are Individual differences depending on the baby's body type and how the diapers are put on. 
*1 Disposable diaper with a 3D-Fit Absorb Pad structure is formed by the cut portion of the stretch sheets around the waist and crotch area to follow the baby's body contour.
*2 Unicharm research in September 2012 on tape-type baby diapers from major global brands
2. Fits gently with soft strectchable waist gather
3. Soft and comfortably fit around baby's waist to prevent back leakages
4. Air Fit leg gathers prevent any side leakages
5. Gentle to skin! Air silky softness
6. Superior absorbency
*Absorption hours may vary according to the urine amount of each baby
7. Navel Waistline. Protect baby’s unhealed navel.
*oniy applicable to Newborn size
8. Breathable Dry Cover. Superior air flow for dry comfort
9. Wetness Indicator
*Line will change color from yellow to green when it is full
10. Soft reattachable tape. Can be fastened and unfastened as many times as needed
11. Soft material that is always gentle to baby’s skin.
12. Firmly attach onto material to keep the diaper in place even when pulled
13. Superior Absorbency. Absorbs up to 12 hours of urine!*
* The hour will vary according to individual baby's urine amount.