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Rosy Organic Bye Bye Mucus Pouch 80ml

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Pear + Bellflower + Loofah plant Juice
Age: 12 Months & Above
Expiry Date: OCT & NOV 2023
Net Content: 80ml pouch
How to consume: Drink it cold, warm or room temperature.
How to store: Store at room temperature or be refrigerated. Since it is a natural product without preservatives, we recommend to drink it as soon as possible after opening.


Back with an upgraded formula, Bye Bye Mucus now comes with a higher bellflower root content.

Fresh pears and bellflower root are juiced at low temperatures so that nutrients are carefully conserved in the juice. Compared to the old formula that contains 0.6% of organic bellflower root, the new formula now contains 16% of organic bellflower root!

ToppingsKids certainly hopes that by bringing this in, many respiratory systems will be strengthened!