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Little Rei Bamboo Swaddle Blankets - 2pc

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Rei's premium bamboo muslin gets softer with each wash and is the simplest, most gentle, breathable fabric. It is incredibly simple to care for and comfortable to use – yet stylish at the same time.

Our bamboo muslin blankets, are great for swaddling, use as stroller blanket & burp cloth. These blankets are great to keep baby comfy and the soft silky luxurious fabric is perfect to use on your baby's delicate skin.

Why you should swaddle your little one!

  • Promotes better sleep as it protects your baby against their natural startle reflex
  • Calms a colicky baby as the swaddle feels comforting, like the inside of a womb
  • Keeps your little one snug and warm throughout the night


Benefits of the Bamboo Muslin fabric

  • Natural and breathable
  • Helps babies sleep better and establish healthy sleep patterns
  • Lightweight to ensure ample breathability and prevent baby from overheating
  • Helps mom in breastfeeding: the soft, comforting muslin provides for a comfortable hold and easy handling of your little one during feeding time!


Washing Instructions

Fabric: 100% Bamboo

  • Washing max 30°C, mild process
  • Only oxygen bleach allowed
  • Tumble dry
  • Iron on low heat
  • Compatible with any drycleaning methods
  • Wash separately, do not wash with others


Dimensions: 120x120CM

This collection is designed by Sophia Sena, a NYC-based designer and illustrator who spent her early years growing up in Singapore. Having graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, she has a passion for creating compelling narratives through strong visuals, and makes work inspired by her mix of cultures, folklore, and the elevation of the mundane.