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Pigeon Training Toothbrush, Lesson 2 Orange

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For babies from 8-12 months with 4-8 milk teeth.

Co-developed with a leading Paediatric Dentist, Pigeon’s Lesson 2 Baby Training Toothbrush is your baby’s next step to proper toothbrushing habits and movements. The fine elastomer bristle ends gently cleans the baby’s teeth, while mimicking the cleaning motion of a nylon toothbrush. For best results, brush twice daily.

Precaution: The shield prevents the toothbrush from becoming a choking hazard. Before every use, affix the shield onto the toothbrush completely until it clicks. Care: After every use, rinse the toothbrush well under running water and dry off. Toothbrushes may be sterilized by either boiling, steam sterilization, or sterilizing tablets. Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight