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The AVOVA STAR-FIX is an ISOFIX booster which has all the safety features you would expect from an excellent car seat. This new generation of booster is approved to the latest European standard UN ECE R-129 and should be amongst your best choice when transporting your child safely in your car. The deep side wings are a fundamental safety feature of AVOVA child car seats. They are designed for improved protection in case of a side collision thanks to ISIP, the integrated side impact protection. Children with a stature from 100 to 150 cm find great comfort and protection when travelling in the STAR-FIX.


Suitable for body size 100 cm - 150cm


Top Features:



(Integrated Side Impact Protection) Instead of adding width we put smart AVOVA safety technologyinside of our seat. This saves space and gives room for improved side impact protection.



• Rapid and simple installation
• Self-deployable lockable connectors
• Extra stability and safety


Improved Pelvic Belt Guide

The extended routing allows us to significantly improve protection in case of an accident. This way, we minimize risk of an incorrectly fitted belt over your child´s pelvis.


The door is a vulnerable part of a car. In case of an accident with an impact from the side, we want to give your child the best possible protection.

This is why all our AVOVA child car seats have our improved side impact protection - ISIP. Our ISIP technology is built into the side wings. Instead of increasing the width of the seats we put safety technology inside of them. This also saves space for other passengers in the back of the car.

The deep and soft cushions give extra protection and comfort.


We know it’s about the little details that make a big difference in everyday handling.

This is why we improved the ISOFIX system with self-deployable lockable connectors which provide extra stability and safety.

If you are using ISOFIX already, you will appreciate our improved connectors even more.