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Motherswork x Skin Inc


Two visionary mothers, driven by a shared purpose and fueled by boundless love, embark on an awe-inspiring collaboration. With a remarkable legacy spanning 40 years combine, immersed in the world of women, mothers, and babies. Skin Inc X Motherswork joyfully unveil the transformative bundle of joy: an extraordinary body wash and body lotion is carefully crafted with unwavering devotion and the wisdom gained from shared experiences. A Bundle of Joy Collection features lightweight, gentle and non-irritating formulas that nourish, protect, and maintain the natural softness of kids' and babies' skin while safeguarding their skin barrier.


As a brand known for their innovation in high-tech skincare and winner of over 150 beauty awards worldwide, Skin Inc have always been committed to developing innovative products that cater to the evolving needs of their customers.


A bundle of Joy are now available both online & in-store on Skin Inc & Motherswork.

Collaboration with Skin Inc

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Motherswork x Skin Inc  A Bundle Of Joy
Motherswork x Skin Inc  A Bundle Of Joy Cloud Hair & Body Wash
Motherswork x Skin Inc  A Bundle Of Joy Cocoon Lotion