Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Gifts Ideas That Your Mother Would Want

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Gifts Ideas That Your Mother Would Want

Mothers are really everything – they are our bedrock and our pillar of strength. Their presence alone is reassuring, and even the littlest memory of them can make us take a guilt trip. With Mother’s Day coming up, you may just want to run through our list of 10 gift ideas that most mothers would love to own and to express your love.


1. Leonica K Protein Spray

This Leonica K Protein Spray ($30.40) from Motherswork is designed to strengthen hair while protecting it from the damage of exposure to UV rays.


Formulated by founder Leonica Kei, who is recognised as a specialist in trichology, Leonica K is a professional hair care label specialising in bespoke hair and scalp treatments as well as effective hair care products. Leonica K’s range of hair care products have since gained their own following for its effectiveness in addressing specific hair and scalp issues. This protein spray is great to use just before blowing or styling after towel-drying hair to lock in moisture and prevent breakage. Perfect for mothers looking to maintain healthy luscious locks.


2. Danielle Peita Graham Elite Bamboo Chopping Board

Danielle Peita Graham Elite Bamboo Chopping Board ($63.20) from Motherswork is available in one standard size 40x30cm.


Rebranding from a model to a culinary entrepreneur, Danielle Peita Graham launched her essential kitchenware line following the success of her cookbook. Naturally, her products would be aesthetically pleasing, even the staple chopping board. It’s made of premium bamboo, which is eco-friendly and lighter than wood, making it easy to use, wash and keep away in the kitchen. It’s also naturally non-porous and bacteria resistant which helps to prevent food poisoning when preparing raw meats. Mothers who rule the kitchen will thank you for this bamboo chopping board.


3. Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack

Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack ($139.00) from Motherswork is available in five designs.


Busy, on-the-go mothers will appreciate the Axis Backpack. It’s versatile and spacious with well-designed interior pockets to keep diapers, clothes, bottles, wipes and all in a stylish sleek backpack that will fit your smart casual outfit. Nursing mummies will rejoice as most portable breast pumps and accessories will fit in the top section and the breast milk can be kept cool in the bottom water-resistant section with an ice pack (not included).


4. Skip Hop Curve Satchel Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Curve Satchel Diaper Bag ($109.00) from Motherswork comes in two colours.



Or if the mother you’re buying for is adverse to backpacks, opt for this satchel that will maintain a sleek profile no matter how much gear you pack inside. Crafted from soft, wipe-clean fabric, this satchel has a wide spacious main compartment and slip pockets to organise your gear. It easily attaches to a stroller with stroller straps so you don’t have to strain your shoulders too.


5. LELO Smart Bead

This LELO BeadsTM Smart Bead Deep Rose ($152.15) from Motherswork is small and discreet, easily kept away in a drawer or in a pouch for travels.


For those in the search of a sensual gift for the mother of your child, consider the LELO Smart Bead. Modern progressive mothers who like to take charge will love their own luxury personal pleasure maker. Specially designed with smart touch sensors, the Smart Bead can measure your orgasm-potential every time you slightly squeeze a muscle in and around the pelvic area. Easy to use and comes in a satin storage pouch, this gift will surely make her gasp.


6. Skin Inc Sculpt Lift Bar

Skin Inc Scupt Lift Bar in 24K Gold ($152.10) from Motherswork is currently on offer – what a steal!


24K gold is an antioxidant and can help in anti-aging. It’s used in many beauty products today, just like in Skin Inc’s Sculpt Lift Bar. The bar is handy and helps to detox skin through lymphatic drainage and reduce water retention to achieve a healthy V-sculpt and lifted look as well as improve blood circulation.


7. SOVA Pillowcase

SOVA Pillowcase ($179.00) from Motherswork is available in seven colours.


Sleep is ever so important and critical. For that special woman in our lives, every mother deserves a SOVA pillowcase made of luxurious 100% pure high-grade 6A mulberry silk. This helps skin to retain moisture and is naturally temperature regulating. Hypoallergenic so it’s perfect for mothers with sensitive skin, it also reduces bed head and split ends. Plus, it is machine washable on the gentle cycle! Make sleep better for mothers.


8. SOVA Lullaby Scent Pillow Spray

SOVA Lullaby Scent Pillow Spray ($39.00) from Motherswork comes in 100ml bottles.


Let her fall into deep sleep easily with this SOVA Lullaby Scent Pillow Spray. When turning into bed, spraying this blend of lavender, vetivert and white chamomile essential oils on pillows and the bed will help calm the mind and soothe your mother into a deep sleep, making her well-rested and energised for a new day.


9. Foreo Bear Facial Toning Device

Foreo Bear Facial Toning Device ($469.00) from Motherswork is available in three colours – Fushcia, Pearl Pink or Lavender.


The Foreo Bear Facial Toning Device features their patented T-SonicTM pulsations that extend deep into pores to increase circulation, eliminate toxins and ease facial tension, resulting in smoother, softer, glowier skin. With this, mothers can enjoy the same microcurrent facial treatments at celebrity spas from the comfort of home.


10. Skin Inc Jelly Dose

Skin Inc Jelly Dose ($61.20) from Motherswork comes in a box of 28 sachets. Recommended to take two sachets a day, a box will see you through two weeks.


Mothers of more than one can find life a bit of a juggle. You can remind them to take care of themselves with this gift! Just as how those Korean stars keep popping one of these supplement sachets in the k-dramas, this specially formulated beauty jelly dose is designed with FIVE boosters – detox, glow, brighten, firm and hydrate in one sachet. It’s peach flavoured so it tastes like a fruit jelly, but it’s packed with high-quality ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Marine Collagen, and Marine Placenta.


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