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10 New Year Resolutions Mums Can Actually Keep

Posted on December 31 2019

2020 is right around the corner, so we’ve curated a list of the top 10 resolutions we think mummies can definitely keep.


1. Be more Sustainable

You don’t have to give up all your creature comforts, just commit to something like reducing your single plastic use. Some quick and easy ways to do this are to bring a reusable tote bag when grocery shopping, using your own tumbler for coffee, or just refusing straws where possible.

Other easy sustainable suggestions might be to repurpose the tons of paper bags you’ve gotten from one too many deliveries (we’re not judging) and turn them into gift wrap. Otherwise, you might consider going vegetarian once a week or eating less meat.


2. Be slow to anger and use kind words.

There are many moments in our daily lives that will stress out, kids-related or not. If you feel the familiar rise of anger, take a deep breath and count to 10. Ask yourself if the horrific mess in the living room is worth losing your temper and if this is something you want your kids to follow. However, if it’s too late, and you’ve roared at the children already, after the tears - yours and theirs - have dried, apologise to them for yelling and explain your feelings. After all, they need to learn how to manage their feelings too.

Also, wherever possible, affirm your children’s good deeds to encourage them. Most likely, it’ll be small things like noticing they made their bed without being asked, or perhaps they picked out a nice outfit. Be sure to praise their good intentions - even if they made a mess in the process - as well as praising them regarding specific things they have done.


3. Call your parents

The unfortunate but sobering truth is that our parents won’t be around forever, thus in 2020, we suggest spending more time with them while you can. Start with as little as five minutes per week, and then increase the frequency if you can. Ask them how they’re doing and listen to the difficulties or things they’re sharing. In return you could also ask for parenting tips, if you’re overwhelmed. Or, if you really can’t think of anything to say, put the kids on and let them babble away to their grandparents.


4. Exercise both the body and mind

Commit to spending a certain amount of time on exercising each week, and schedule other plans around it. Hence you’ll have less excuses not to go. Whether it’s a quick 7-minute workout, or a yoga class on YouTube, you’ll feel better after doing something and reap the benefits. Otherwise, consider heading to the various affordable gyms across the island, whether it’s GYMMBOXX, ActiveSG or HomeTeamNS.

Additionally, try reading a book or two a month, which you can do right from National Library’s Libby app. Download audiobooks or ebooks and read at your convenience, whether it’s the latest fiction releases or nonfiction titles like Becoming by Michelle Obama.


5. Focus on reducing clutter rather than the piles of mess

It’s perfectly all right if your home doesn’t look like the pages of GoodHousekeeping or an Instagram post. If you have children, of any age, there’s bound to be messes everywhere. Rather than tearing your hair out about it, accept that your once spick and span home is now well lived in. We’re not saying you can’t get the kids to help out picking up after themselves, though.

Perhaps one step towards a cleaner house would be to reduce some clutter. Even if you’re not ready to say goodbye to your things like Fumio Sasaki or keep only the things that spark joy like Marie Kondo, you can still get rid of some items. For example, clothes you’ve never worn and can wholeheartedly agree are ugly, toys your kids have never played with, and other random bits and bobs no one has used.

Instead, give these things a new lease of life by donating them. Clothes can go to H&M (you get a voucher for your next purchase too) or Uniqlo’s recycling bins, while toys can go to Salvation Army or Toys from the Heart. Other places you can drop off stuff include Cash Converters (check what they can accept by calling them first) or various charities. Additionally, you can also try selling these things on Carousell or Facebook Marketplace.


6. Hug for 10 seconds daily

Not just for your adorable little ones, we suggest making it a family thing and roping in your husband as well. Hugging for this length of time increases your oxytocin and serotonin levels, so you feel calmer, happier and less fearful. Even better, babies who have received loads of affection become well-adjusted adults.


7. Focus on making new experiences rather than getting stuff

Aside from keeping your home from having yet another toy, it’s been proven that children value experiences and time with parents or relatives over the stuff that they receive. Thus, in 2020, perhaps spend more time exploring new places, like that park near your house you’ve never been to. Otherwise, let them try out new activities, whether it’s sports, crafting or music lessons.


8. Make one dinner

In the process of making just one dinner for both parents and children, you’re also making your life easier. Additionally, kids will model their behaviour after yours, so eat the food and mention how delicious it is, and let them follow suit. Children under two years old are more likely to eat a wide range of food if it’s presented to them then.

However, there are always ways to ensure they eat what you’ve cooked, such as ensuring that there’s food on the table that they love. These can be the focus of their meal, with the other options as sides. Other picky eater hacks include using bacon bits, or their own favourite dressings to dip all sorts of food in it.


9. Make Self-Care a Priority

Aside from drawing a long hot bubble bath, or going to the spa for a much-needed massage, self-care extends to eating right, and exercising. Equally important is investing time for your spouse and your friends. Try to schedule at least some time in a month to hang out with your friends, and equally importantly, your spouse.


10. Spend less time on the phone, and more time playing with the kids

According to Media One Marketing, Singaporeans spend an average of seven hours on the phone and two hours on social media channels. In 2020, perhaps a good resolution is to spend more time focusing fully on our kids, rather than on the phone. Instead of watching endless YouTube videos, go on a walk with the kids, engage them in doing puzzles or read them stories from actual books.



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