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Zazu Soft Toy Comforter (Felix the Fox)

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This is not just a comforter, this super-soft blanket can hold your pacifier and also play several soothing melodies: heartbeat sound, white noise, nature sound, and a loop of lullabies. Switches off by itself after 10 minutes and the cry sensor will make sure it is turned back on when your little one starts crying.

  • The volume can be set to your desired level
  • Pacifier holder - no more lost pacifiers!
  • Washable after removing the sound module
  • 35 cm x 35 cm x 8 cm
  • Polyester and ABS
  • 3 x AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • The plush can be washed when the sound module is removed from the pocket
  • ZAZU products are tested according to the international safety regulations