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Urban Li'l Car Track Fabric Floor Decal - Singapore

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Create a cosy playspace for your car-loving kids instantly with our Car Track Fabric Floor Decal that doubles up as both a toy and decoration for the room. Repositionable and easy to apply, our fabric decal allows fun to be taken wherever you like – living room, bedroom or any play space.

Dimensions: 100cm(L) x 43cm(W)

Repositionable (no damage to surface*) and easy to apply (peel & stick), our fabric decal wall sticker provide flexibility allowing you to transform nurseries, children's rooms, bedrooms, offices or any living spaces!

Installation Instructions:
1. Ensure surface is clean
2. Align decal on surface and secure in position with masking tape
3. Starting from one side, peel/roll away backing from decal
4. Press down decal to secure onto surface
5. Enjoy your new space!