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Taf Toys 3-in-1 Baby Book

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  • Soft baby book, with two sides for two developmental stages, to use in cot, pram and for tummy-time play
  • for Easier Development and Easier Parenting!

Developmental Values:

  • side 1: high contrast colors, baby safe mirror and face drawings develop baby's senses and emotional intelligence
  • side 2: rich colors, textures,3D activities including a teether and a play pocket, to develop baby's fine motor skills
  • the book stands up alone to help encourage tummy-time play


  • 2 sides for 2 development stages
  • includes: baby-safe mirror, crinkling shapes, 3D activities and textured fabrics
  • with pineapple teether toy and play pocket
  • stands up alone for tummy-time play
  • size: 14 x 85cm/5.5" x 33.5"