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Stokke Xplory V6 Stroller Complete (Black Chassis)

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The 2018 Stokke Xplory, like its older siblings, is designed with an emphasis on functionality, style, and Stokke's promise for connectivity - helping the child to naturally interact, explore and connect. True to its name, the Xplory is the ultimate connection stroller, and the new Xplory is by far, the best version that this stroller family has seen.

Stokke Xplory Black Chassis: Black or Brown Leatherette Handle 

Stokke Xplory Stroller Seat: To Select


Optional Add on for Newborn: Stokke Xplory V6 Carry Cot

2018 Stokke Xplory stroller enhancements:

  • a newly designed frame that's even more stylish, and easier to use and fold
  • new, stylish yet classy black and brown leatherette handles compliment all fabric options
  • enhanced carry cot (optional) design that's even more breathable, roomier, has built-in storage pockets, and an independent canopy from the stroller seat
  • an upgraded, state-of-the-art wheel design
  • substantially larger shopping bag that has a built-in clip for off-stroller handling - clip onto stroller, clip off to take along - it's that easy!
  • enhanced stroller seat design that makes transitioning from forward-facing to parent facing mode, and vice versa, easier and breezier!
  • upgraded, durable rain cover and bug net (optional)
  • a newly designed and improved fold!
  • new fashion and leatherette handle combinations


Features of the 2018 Stokke Xplory Stroller:

  1. Transitions from a single stroller into a travel system with use of the Stokke PIPA by Nuna Car Seat - no adapters required! The stroller can also be used for two kids with the addition of Stokke's Sibling Board, making it a fun travel system for the whole family!
  2. Stroller positions. Baby can face the parents or face forward - the stroller seat easily changes positions and in the 2018 Xplory model, this functionality was re-designed and substantially improved. Additionally, the seat position is height adjustable, allowing baby to be closer to parents as well as a restaurant table.
  3. Recline/Upright. The toddler seat is designed with a multi-position recline including solid upright and a full recline for naps, with many positions in between. The recline functionality was also improved this year and is easier and more seamless.
  4. Spacious Canopy. Whether in upright or reclined positions, the canopy provides substantial coverage from sun and elements, creating a cozy cocoon for the child.
  5. Comfortable Infant Insert included,making the Xplory a stroller you can use and enjoy from newborn and onwards.
  6. Telescoping and Multi-Position Handle to accommodate parents and grandparents of varying heights, supporting proper back posture and a comfortable riding position.
  7. Easier Fold. With previous Xplory strollers, you'd have to give the stroller frame a nudge or subtle kick to fold; the 2018 Xplory has been redesigned for an even easier and more delicate fold.
  8. Spacious and deep shopping bag. The Xplory's shopping bag is now so, so spacious (and still very stylish), it rivals any stroller with an open basket . The advantage with the Xplory's shopping bag is you stroll, park, and can take your bag with you. Also a great place for groceries, allowing you to grocery shop with no shopping carts necessary.
  9. Cleverly designed, spacious mesh ventilation, providing airy, breezy ventilation for those hot summer days
  10. A deeper seat and a more comfortable footrest. The newly-designed footrest has nice comfy padding for baby's calves, and the deeper seat makes it even more comfortable for baby for both naps and curious strolls.
  11. Durable front and rear wheel system providing a smooth, light and comfortable ride.