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Smile Makers The Generous Gel

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Generous Gel - Luxuriously Textured Gel Lube For Penetrative Sex

Generous Gel is a rich lubricant providing extra cushioning for vulva owners to focus on the good stuff
- richly textured gel lubricant
- silky feeling during and after use
- water-based
- vegan and using a natural plant extract
- compatible with condoms and silicone vibrators
- paraben-free, fragrance-free
- easy to wash off -cruelty-free

Fact: More than 80% of women have experienced pain during sex.

Tip #1: before penetration, apply Generous Gel on your partner genitalia and yours. You can do this for both vaginal or anal penetration.
Tip #2: if your partner is using a condom, add a few drops of Generous Gel in to surprise him with a sensorial experience.
Tip #3: if you're pregnant or going through menopause, the changes in hormones may affect your lubrication. Don't hesitate to lube up to make things more comfortable!


Carbomer: A pharma-grade thickener that alters the viscosity in the product. Pharma-grade, no allergens

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate : A natural plant extract with skin-regenerating properties used to counter irritiation caused by mechanical friction during sexual activity. It is imported from Japan and used by several luxury Japanese and French skin care brands.

Sodium Benzoate : A pharma-grade salt used as a natural preservative to prevent microbial growth. Many other lubricant brands use parabens, deemed by the USFDA as potentially dangerous, as preservative.

Refined Glycerine : A pharma-grade water-soluble synthetic used to make the lubricant slippery. It is used in skin care products to retain moisture on skin.

Methyl Propanediol : A water solubilizer added to give a velvety- silky feel during and after use. It is a brand new product on the market that we have chosen because it is the highest grade available and it provides benefits of silicone (increased slipperiness) without using silicone (silicone lubricants not compatible with sex toys). Imported from France, this makes our lubricants far more slippery and silky than other water-based lubricants.

Water-based lubricants don't last very long, will this be thick enough for penetrative sex with a partner?

Is this lubricant ok to use while trying to conceive?

Can I use this lubricant gel with condoms?