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Siku Tanker with Trailer

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Robust and stable design thanks to metal body, very good rolling properties due to rubber tires
Scope of supply: 1x SIKU 1626 tank truck toy vehicle, material: metal / plastic, dimensions: 17.1 x 3.0 x 4.7 cm, weight: 0.125 kg, color: blue / white, series: SIKU SUPER
Ideal as a gift for children for example, Easter, birthdays or in between, but also as a decoration for adult birthdays or wedding gifts
Detailed toy model of a tank truck in optics of the brand "ARAL" in the scale 1:87 for playing and collecting
Perfect for space-saving takeaway, ideal for children to engage in long car rides, stays or for the holidays, long-lasting fun through countless combination options within the SIKU game world