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Red Castle Ergonomic Swaddle Blanket

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Designed by our R & D team and childcare professionals.

Widely used for centuries by our ancestors and by many tribes, swaddling is recommended from birth to help soothe and calm newborns and to prolong a reassuring, womb-like feeling. 

During baby's first months, it reassures him/her to be contained in a small sleeping space.

With this is mind we have designed a swaddle blanket which wraps baby in a unique way.

  • Velcro adjustable, its designed-to-fit shape surrounds baby’s shoulders and upper arms, leaving forearms free to move. The newborn can bring his hands up to his mouth and eyes.
  • Swaddled, baby feels relaxed. This in turn eases digestion and helps reduce constipation.
  • Adjust to fit Velcro fastening.

  • Baby’s legs can be covered as and when necessary. He can move his legs inside the lower part of the blanket without his legs becoming uncovered.

Snuggled closely in the swaddle blanket, the adverse effects of Moro reflex are reduced and baby benefits from a better quality of sleep.

    The cotton/elastane fabric permits the newborn to move his arms and legs while remaining swaddled.

      For use: From birth to around 12 weeks.

      Fabric: 96% cotton – 4% elastane.

      Care: Machine washable 30°.