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NUK Toy Story Silicone Soother



All NUK Soothers have the NUK Air System which allows air to escape out of the baglet through a vent.

The baglet stays soft and sufficiently flat so that it can help prevent jaw deformation. NUK silicone soothers are made of a high-quality synthetic material. The clear silicone material is easy to clean and is particularly heat-resistant. It is free from harmful substances, boil-proof, odourless, transparent and has a smooth surface all features that are important for a soother.


Features & Benefits:
-Latex baglet
-Our nipple soothes and calms baby
-Orthodontic nipple promotes healthy oral development
-Asymmetrical shape naturally fits baby's palate
-Integrated channels for less palate pressure
-Scoop nipple cavity allows maximum tongue movement
-Promotes proper teeth alignment by avoiding thumb-sucking
-Heart-shaped shield fits under baby's nose for extra comfort

Note: Designs may vary slightly