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Nimble Bottle Cleaning Kit

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Nimble Milk Buster is a baby bottle cleaner that uses plant-based ingredients to help you quickly clean milk proteins and fats from plastic. Unlike common washing-up liquids which are designed to cut through grease, Nimble Milk Buster uses plant-based ingredients that are specifically chosen for their ability to remove formula and breast milk from plastic without resorting to harsh chemicals. Our plant-based formula also has odour-fighting technology so your baby bottles will never smell of old milk again.

Nimble Magic Wand is a baby bottle brush that uses soft silicone to help you safely clean milk proteins and fats from bottles and keep the bottles clean and scratch-free. Why is it so important to keep it scratch-free? Normal bottle brushes with hard bristles scratch either inside or outside the bottle, and those small scratches are causing the cloudy bottles. Sadly, once the bottles are scratched, there is little that you can do to make them look like new again.

Why Nimble?

  • Our special plant-based formula wraps around milk fat and proteins
  • Milk fat and proteins are then gently detached from the plastic bottle
  • The residues and the Milk Buster are easily rinsed away leaving you with a clean bottle 
  • Works on both formula & breast milk. 
  • Also cleans teats, sippy cups, utensils, breast pumps and even coffee machines and protein shakers.
  • Includes Milk Buster Baby Bottle Cleaner & Magic Wand Cleaning Brush

  • 3 STEPS Easy Usage

    1. Add a little lukewarm water to the bottle, and spray 2x Milk Buster
    2. Brush gently with Magic Wand. Use the top of the brush for teat, and side for bottle.
    3. Rinse with running water


    Alkyl polyglucoside, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium gluconate, citric acid.

    Others: water and phenoxyethanol.