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Naturebond Silicone Baby Bibs 2pcs

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 High Quality Silicone Baby Bibs in gorgeous, appetite-stimulating colors - Lemonade Yellow and Tangerine Orange

• 2 Bibs packed in a BONUS waterproof pouch

 Safe For Babies – Food grade silicone and BPA free. NatureBond Silicone bibs are PVC free. Suitable for age 4 months and above.

 Gorgeous Colors – NatureBond Bibs are designed with customized color mixture based on NatureBond’s Appetizing Colors ™ Concept. Proven by food science and nutrition research, appetizing colors are useful in stimulating toddlers’ appetite and enjoy their meals better. Available in neutral gender colours - Lemonade Yellow and Tangerine Orange which are ideal for both boys and girls. 

 High Quality and Durable - Made of high quality and durable FDA approved food grade silicone material, yet soft and flexible enough to be folded and compressed for storage.

• Improved version with 4 tightening buttons which secure the bibs and make it harder for toddlers to pull it apart

• Wider angle and bigger catchment area to catch falling food

• 100% Waterproof

• Hassle-free, very easy to clean and dry

• Dishwasher safe

• Includes a BONUS waterproof pouch which allows parents to bring bibs outdoors and store them in a bag. Can be re-used as a wet-dry bag for other storage purposes and is perfect as a baby shower gift.