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Moo Moo Kow Changing Pad Large Maths

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It is made of soft and breathable PUL fabric and suede cloth, the same top quality materials as Moo Moo Kow® Cloth Diapers.

Where To Use It?

- As your personal hygienic changing surface
- On the stroller, car seat or airplane seat to contain any leak - perfect for your almost potty-trained toddler outdoors
- Anywhere else your growing baby may sit on - the garden, park, beach and more!

What's Special?

- Soft and breathable for baby's comfort
- Trim design fits into most diaper bags - perfect for any occasions
- PVC-free

How to Wash & Care?

- machine wash or hand wash
- wash on cold, warm or hot
- No chlorine bleach and fabric softener.
- Tumble dry low or line dry. Do not iron.

Material :

(Outer) : Water-resistant polyurethane Laminated (PUL) fabric
(Inner) : Suede cloth

Size : 69cm x 92cm