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Moo Moo Kow Bamboo Cloth Diaper One Size Snap - Milk Cartons

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Each set include with 2 pieces of Bamboo Inserts. 

What is the 'Advantages' of Bamboo Diaper?
  • Bamboo is much softer. 
  • Breathable and good in absorbency. 
  • Natural Anti-Bacterial. 
  • Odor-Resistant. 
  • Bamboo stays cooler in hot temperatures and warmer in cold temperatures. 

What is the 'Disadvantages' of Bamboo Diaper? 
  • Bamboo material like to hold on to STAINS and they aren’t always easy to get out, even with good thorough rinse. 
  • So frequent replacement of new diapers is recommended for hygiene reason, if baby is using Bamboo Diaper.

Washing of Bamboo Diaper - avoid soaking as it is harmful to the material.


Comfortable Design: The encased elastic at the thigh area provide a secure fit to prevent leaks, even for heavy wetters, and yet comfortable. 

Bigger Cutting: The generous cutting can be sized down to fit a baby, and sized up to fit a chubby toddler. Your cloth diaper investment can last much longer. 

Wide Pocket: The wide pocket means you can stuff more inserts to last a heavy wetter overnight. Different inserts are available for different occasions. 

Reliable Quality: The high quality PUL fabric can withstand hot washes.

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