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Little Rei Swaddle Carousel Gift Set

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What's Included

  • Little Rei Swaddle Blankets (2pc) x2
  • Little Rei Wash Cloths (4pc)
  • Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny
  • Bibs Natural Rubber Pacifier Twin Pack
  • Mushie Silicone Pacifier Holder Case


A wonderful gift option for new mommies, the Swaddle Train Gift set is perfect for the first 6 months of a baby’s growth. Included in the set are Little Rei swaddle muslin blankets to ensure the little one feels relaxed while drifting off to la-la-land, and wash cloths to make bath time more comfortable!


Why you should swaddle your little one!

  • Promotes better sleep as it protects your baby against their natural startle reflex
  • Calms a colicky baby as the swaddle feels comforting, like the inside of a womb
  • Keeps your little one snug and warm throughout the night


Benefits of the Bamboo Muslin fabric

  • Natural and breathable
  • Helps babies sleep better and establish healthy sleep patterns
  • Lightweight to ensure ample breathability and prevent baby from overheating
  • Helps mom in breastfeeding: the soft, comforting muslin provides for a comfortable hold and easy handling of your little one during feeding time!


Washing Instructions

Fabric: 100% Bamboo Rayon

  • Washing max 30°C, mild process
  • Only oxygen bleach allowed
  • Tumble dry
  • Iron on low heat
  • Compatible with any drycleaning methods
  • Wash separately, do not wash with others


This collection is designed by Sophia Sena, a NYC-based designer and illustrator who spent her early years growing up in Singapore. Having graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, she has a passion for creating compelling narratives through strong visuals, and makes work inspired by her mix of cultures, folklore, and the elevation of the mundane.