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Little Miss Curious

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Little Miss Curious - Little Miss Curious just wants to know everything. She is very curious looking and has a question mark shaped ponytail and a curious nature. She lives in a really nice and curious looking house with a curious looking garden (that has question mark shaped trees) in a country called Nonsenseland.

She asked why do doors squeak but they are not grey with pink ears and long tails (she was probably referring to a mouse), but the door doesn't answer because doors can't speak. She then asks the worms why do they have bow ties in Nonsenseland. Then Mr. Nonsense shows up holding a sandwich filled with sand and she asks him why are sandwiches called sandwiches if they have don't have any sand in them, Mr. Nonsense says that he is eating a sand sandwich and that he is rather partial to sand because he also comes from Nonsenseland, where everyone and everything do things differently to anyone else and then he goes off saying "Happy birthday".

Little Miss Curious goes to the Nonsenseland Library to find a book that has everything that she wants to know, but the librarian becomes angry and scolds her for holding the queue to the counter and she asks her to leave. She then leaves the Nonsenseland Library then she sees Little Miss Careful wearing wellies and holding an umbrella and she wonders why she is wearing wellies and holding an umbrella if it's not raining. She then runs away in the end and the reader wonders where she is running off to!