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Little Miss Bad

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Little Miss Bad - Someone has been doing bad things. Someone swapped Mr. Uppity's tennis chords for spaghetti, put toothpaste in Mr. Greedy's cakes, covered Little Miss Splendid with ink, painted cracks on Mr. Worry's house, fills Little Miss Neat's house with water and even cut Mr. Forgetful's car in half! Can you guess? Little Miss Bad.

So, Little Miss Sunshine has an idea. She has a fake contest to see who did the worst thing in the last week, with first prize getting a holiday. On the day of the contest, Little Miss Bad goes first, but since she couldn't decide what her worst trick was, she describes all her tricks at once, giving her game away. She apologizes and helps everyone restore things to normal.

And not surprisingly, Miss Bad's example shows Mr. Mischief not to reveal his tricks!