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LELO Beads™ Female Kegel Beads - Classic/Mini

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LELO Beads™ Female Kegel Beads - Classic/Mini

These interchangeable weighted vaginal beads gently and secretly respond to your body’s movements, sending tingly sensations that are perfect for helping you on the road to stronger, more intense climaxes.

Extend your pleasure and train your body for multiple orgasms. LELO Beads™ are for women who treasure their sensuality. A discreet and body-safe alternative to traditional exercise, LELO Beads™ work to strengthen the vaginal wall and pelvic muscles through effective Kegel exercising. When worn, they deliver movement-induced tingly sensations causing muscle contraction, ensuring a comfortable and convenient workout that fits every routine. This promises an array of health benefits, improving bladder control for women of all ages while revealing the pleasures that body care brings.

Every woman is different. That’s why LELO BeadsTM are available in different size variations: mini, classic & plus. LELO BeadsTM Mini have been specially designed to offer a perfect fit for women under 30 who have never experienced childbirth, LELO BeadsTM Classic are recommended for over- 30’s and those who have experienced childbirth, and LELO BeadsTM, are perfect for women that want to elevate their pelvic floor routine with heavier weights. 

Each set of LELO BeadsTM consists of a silicone harness and four or six weighted beads. When worn individually or combined using the silicone harness, LELO BeadsTM offer an easy, effective and effortless way to optimize your pelvic floor workout.

LELO Beads™ Mini is a smaller edition of LELO BeadsTM, The World's Bestselling Kegel Exercising Aid. Featuring a smaller 29 mm diameter, consisting of two 28g and 37g beads they ensure that every woman can find her perfect fit for the most effective pelvic floor workout, recommended for the under-30s and/or those who have yet to go through childbirth or in menopause.

Assisting in reclaiming your pleasure post-childbirth, LELO Beads™ Classic have an internal weight in each bead that gently rumbles as your body moves, creating a prolonged sensation like no other – half pleasure, half exercise. Featuring a diameter 36 mm, consisting of two 28g and 37g beads, LELO Beads™ let you change and combine weights for your perfect pleasure, all while remaining a discreet treat you can keep all to yourself.


  1. Useful for women of all ages - Toned pelvic muscles increase circulation to the PELVIC region and neuromuscular control to avoid urinary Incontinence, aid in Prenatal preparation and postpartum recovery
  2. Beneficial to women's health 
  3. Easy to use

Cleaning, Storage, and Safety
• Using LELO Beads with hand creams or silicone-based lubricants may make the
silicone permanently tacky.
• LELO Beads are fully waterproof, making cleaning simple. Rinse and spray with LELO Toy Cleaner, then rinse again and allow them to dry.
• Always disassemble and clean each part of your LELO Beads thoroughly before and after each use. You can wash the silicone with warm water and antibacterial soap, rinse with clean warm water and pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. Never use cleansers containing alcohol, petrol or acetone.
• Avoid leaving your LELO Beads in direct sunlight and NEVER expose it to extreme heat. Store your LELO Beads in a dust-free place and keep it away from products of other materials


LELO Beads™ Classic
1 Harness - 89 x 35 x 16 mm / 3.5 x 1.3 x 0.6 In
Beads Diameter: 35 mm / 1.3 In 
4 Beads
2 x 28 gr / 0.06 lb 
2 x 37 gr / 0.08 lb 

LELO Beads™ Mini
1 Harness - 73 x 31 x 15 mm / 2.8 x 1.2 x 0.59 In
Beads Diameter: 29 mm / 1.14 In 
4 Beads
2 x 28 gr / 0.06 lb 
2 x 37 gr / 0.08 lb 

Satin Storage Pouch
Warranty Registration Card
Detailed Instruction Manual

IMPORTANT: For Adult Use Only.
Must be 18 years old to purchase. For hygiene purposes sexual items are not returnable Those who may be pregnant or have any medical condition should consult with a medical professional before using this product.